Al Massraweya
Authentic Egyptian Folkloric Dance

Taught by World-Renowned Egyptian Master Instructor, FATEN!

Weekly Classes...

All Classes taught simultaneously -- in person* and virtually, via ZOOM


Al Massraweya Adv. Choreography


2:00 pm

Learn new choreographies and Perform in our student showcases! Perfect dance techniques, make friends and cultivate stage presence and performance skills.

Al Massraweya Level 3


1:00 pm

Advanced Level Technique and Combos. Class may include advanced turns, folkloric dance, improvisation, entrance veil work, cane, taqsim and drum solos. Taught in the Egyptian style.

Al Massraweya Level 2


12:00 pm

Intermediate Level Basic Technique and Combos. No dance experience necessary! Join us for a fun workout and make new friends while learning basic dance steps and cultural aspects.

Al Massraweya: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate


12:00 pm

It's BACK! Advanced Beginner to Intermediate Level Basic Technique and Combos.


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About Faten

Who is 'Al-Massraweya' ('The Original')?

Faten, the founder of Al-Massraweya Folkloric, was and still is the leader in Folkloric Egyptian style. She was the first to bring this teaching style to the public. Soon others began to copy this teaching style; but Faten remains “The Original — Al-Massraweya“. Faten is the Master Instructor who has taught many of the instructors who are teaching today. 

She has 50 years of experience in the Egyptian Folkloric dance style. Faten formed an elite private troupe in 1976 and travelled to Jordan, Qatar, Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and the United States. In 1982, Faten began teaching workshops in the United States and all over the world, becoming the first folkloric instructor to accomplish this.

From 2003 to 2012, Faten released a series of videos and recordings titled “The Best Of…” which showcased the ShamedanAwalemGhawaziSaidiBaladi and  Khaleeji folkloric styles.

Throughout 2005, Faten continued to teach a series of tours around the world designed to teach and showcase the Egyptian folkloric dance style and its influence in Egyptian oriental dance.

During this time, she developed the highly-sought Al-Massraweya Intensive Workshop with Certificate. The multi-part, intensive workshops covered many topics such as the 10-part Shabby workshop covering history, revolution, music and technique. The series also included an introduction to traditional Shabby singers such as Sayed Darwich, AbdelGhany elSayed, Karem Mahmoud, Mohamad and Abdelmotaleb, as well as the new generation of artists like Hakim. Adaweya, Khaled Aggag, Boossy and Amina

Faten continues to be the most highly sought after teacher of true Egyptian Folkloric dance. She continues to tour all over the world teaching and inspiring students both in here in the United States and abroad. She holds weekly in-person and virtual classes and once a year students are invited to travel with Faten back to her homeland of Egypt to learn first-hand about the birthplace folkloric Egyptian dance.