Al Massraweya Adv. Choreography

Learn new choreographies and Perform in our student showcases! Perfect dance techniques, make friends and cultivate stage presence and performance skills.

Al Massraweya Level 3

Advanced Level Technique and Combos. Class may include advanced turns, folkloric dance, improvisation, entrance veil work, cane, taqsim and drum solos. Taught in the Egyptian style.

Al Massraweya Level 2

Intermediate Level Basic Technique and Combos. No dance experience necessary! Join us for a fun workout and make new friends while learning basic dance steps and cultural aspects.

Dance Retreat 2022 – Tuscany, Italy

Indulge your love of oriental Egyptian and American style bellydance while experiencing the culture, cuisine, and sunshine of Tuscany, Italy. This year’s Sands of Time retreat will take place in a 4-star seaside resort with private beach on the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea.