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Meet Dandash

Meet an extraordinary Egyptian native instructor – Dandash. Her story begins at the age of seven, a young girl with a dream, growing up in a family where the arts were not just appreciated, but lived. By the time she was sixteen, Dandash was no longer just a hopeful dreamer but a recognized force in oriental dance, known for her distinct flair and dedication to her craft. Today, Dandash is considered among Egypt’s most cherished dancers, a title she’s earned through countless mesmerizing performances. But Dandash’s journey doesn’t stop at her own success; she’s committed to nurturing the next wave of talent. Through her workshops and classes, held in various corners of the world, she aims to inspire and empower those who follow in her footsteps. It’s not just her skill that captures the heart but also her genuine warmth and humanity, making her a beloved member of the dance community worldwide. We are excited to welcome her!